Golden Robot USB Flash Drive

Goodness, gracious, great golden robots!

Golden Robots are the wave of the future. Our old pal C3PO started the fad. Remember Tik-Tok? No, not that song you've heard blasted from your annoying neighbor's car stereo, the automaton from Return to Oz! Golden robots are all over Futurama: Calculon, Hedonism-Bot, and even alternate reality Bender! All robot, all gold, all the time. Suddenly feel the need for a golden robot companion of your very own? Getting a little sad about it, even?

Well fear not! Our Golden Robot USB Flash Drive will stand by your side - and on its own two feet as it bends over, inserting its USB noggin into your computer. This USB Flash Drive is shaped like a little humanoid robot and is super shiny (in the literal and Firefly sense of the word). Pop off the round helmet to reveal the USB connector. His shiny gold brain will hold 4 GB worth of data: plenty for some tunes, important documents, and that program you're going to load into your company's bank software. The best part? He's posable! That's right - he's smart AND handsome. What a catch! Just don't tease him about being bald - he's a bit sensitive.

Product Specifications

  • Posable golden robot USB Flash Drive
  • His brain holds 4 GB of data, ready to share with you
  • Bend him, pose him, seat him by your laptop
  • Shiny in the literal and Firefly sense of the word
  • Be fashionable before it's fashionable: golden robots are the future!
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